This is Optis

Experienced, successful entrepreneurs. Consultants, not just coaching from the sideline, but team players. Founded in 2000. We are multi lingual veterans mastering every little detail of the game, experts with a vision, who gained our skills and knowledge in decades, growing a track record of accomplishments in the industry.

Our services

Business Development

Entrepreneurs encounter opportunities and challenges every single day. With Optis at your side you stand strategically and tactically strong. We assist you structuring your organization, projects and corporate finance to be goal oriented, turning opportunities into results.

Moving ahead with confidence

Medical Device Innovation

From medical device innovation to a valuable enterprise; Optis helps to explore the optimal pathway and roll it out with you. Via market research, clinical trials and brand-development. According to a detailed Road-map to organization, marketing and distribution. Navigating with confidence towards rewarding corporate goals such as going concern, profitability and/or exit strategies, according to shareholder’s interests.

Your Road-map to success


Your company, organization or budget might not warrant a full time CFO yet. However numerous projects and executive decisions actually require (strategic) financial advice built on in-depth organizational knowledge and insights; CFO-online*) you have your affordable CFO by your side when needed.

Your flexible CFO

Move ahead with Optis

Choose the most prosperous pathway for your product or innovation. Demonstrate the potential and value of your company, materialize the financial valuation for your work. Choose the partner Optis, familiar with that route to success. Call +31 (0)416 365 077 or mail to info@optis.nl