Your support of a dedicated CFO, ‘Online’ if possible, at your side when necessary. At larger corporations, the CFO holds a key position. They design the financial set-up, are involved in the strategic development of the company, guard and adjust the course when needed. With CFO-Online, Optis makes this key position available to your company.

CFO, accountant, bookkeeper?

What does a CFO add to your financial support? Bookkeepers and accountants maintain registers and ledgers. One build records, the other one is in charge of auditing them. Their purpose is registration, status to date.

CFO: Financial Navigator

A CFO (Chief Financial Officer) prepares your company for the future. CFO input is essential if you consider investing in growth, or when you face financial problems. This person is indispensable when change is ahead, disruptive trends or events, large investments (real estate, machines/equipment, Human Resources) or mergers and acquisitions. He prepares all communication with investors and join you during negotiations.



“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”

The Optis Financial Consultant takes off from today’s records. The CFO is looking forward, help you make choices for a financially healthy future. The CFO structures your financial administration and organization, create budgets and tools (‘dashboard’) to guard the planned course and adapt anticipating.

Optis’ Proposal

Is the commitment to fulltime CFO out of reach? With this service, you will have an experienced CFO at your side, assisting you to structure your financial management including*:

  • Periodical consultation
  • On site when necessary
  • Budget process setup and guidance
  • Cash flow management, including Accounts Receivable consulting*
  • Preparation Financial Annual Report
  • Administrative management
  • Quarterly evaluations
  • Other services available. Call for details*

Our Method

We give independent advice, explore, investigate, (re)organize, plan and budget, measure and consult with vision. We are entrepreneurs in heart and soul!


Based on the size and shape of your company and a workload assessment, we will offer you a retainer with a twelve-month contract, a simple fixed cost and yields no unpleasant surprises caused by uncontrolled rates.

From € 9.600,- per annum (excl. VAT) *

*Ask us how we can serve your needs and answer any questions you might be considering. We look forward to explaining you our services, presenting you our general and specific Business Terms and calculating what our CFO-online service would cost you.

Focus on the future

With your CFO at your side, your financial choices are built and supported to meet and exceed your commercial goals and objectives. Call +31 (0)416 365 077 or mail us at info@optis.nl